No Borders Ireland Gathering

August 26-27, 11am-7pm, Seomra Spraoi, 10 Belvidere Court, Dublin 1

On Friday 26th and Saturday 27th of August, Seomra Spraoi will be host to the first gathering of the No Borders network to take place in Ireland.

No Borders campaigns struggle alongside those effected for freedom of movement, for the freedom for all to stay in the place which they have chosen, against repression and the many controls which multiply the borders everywhere in all countries. This gathering is working towards establishing a network of individuals and grassroots organisations within Ireland and abroad who are working on the questions of migrants and asylum seekers.

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Weekend At City Arts: Series of Talks and Workshops

Come down to the Old City Arts this weekend (friday and saturday) to discuss public space, nama and the university!

Talking Shop 7: Exclusion in Social Movements?

Monday 8 August, 7pm in Seomra Spraoi

Social exclusion relates to the alienation or disenfranchisement of certain people within a society. It is often connected to a person’s social class, educational status, relationships in childhood and living standards and how these might affect access to various opportunities. It also applies to some degree to people with a disability, to minority men and women of all races, of all sexual orientations and gender identities (the LGBT community), to the elderly, and to youth. Anyone who deviates in any perceived way from the norm of a population may become subject to coarse or subtle forms of social exclusion. Additionally, communities may self-exclude by removing themselves physically from the larger community.

Social movements and social centres often make an explicit attempt to diminish all forms of social exclusion through, for example, the use of policies and the adoption of participative, empowering forms of organisation and descision making. However, in reality it can be extremely difficult to be truly socially inclusive.

Social Centres

The Talking Shop is a new discussion forum organised by the Campaign for Old City Arts Building, Dublin Housing Action and the Provisional University, but open to everyone. Our second session looks at The Creative City.

Seomra Spraoi 6:30 – 8:00 Monday 13th of June

2nd Session – Social Centres

Social centres operate at a distance from commercial and state interests, from consumerism and hierarchical bureaucracies. At the same time this distance can mean that social centres become ‘islanded’, places of escape isolated from the rest of the city and the communities that live in it.

In this session we will discuss the social centre as a place of autonomy, asking: how can it be a space to develop different social relations but also a means of engaging with the city; who or what is the social centre for and how can it adapt in these moments of dramatic change?

People might like to read ‘Zapatismo Urbano’, John Holloway

About the Talking Shop

Through our various projects we’ve come across the need to create time and space for the kind of political discussion that we usually don’t have time for within our campaigns.

We’ll take a different idea in each session and have an open and relaxed discussion, without trying to reach agreement or action. Each session will have a brief introduction.

We believe that, given the exhaustion of older forms of radical politics, today political action needs be accompanied by ongoing discussion and reflection, in order to develop new ideas and strategies that can make a difference here and now. The Talking Shop is also a space of ‘autonomous education’, it offers an alternative to the depoliticised ways in which learning generally takes place in college.

Creating Change Conference, UCD

People might be interested in the conference CREATING CHANGE:
FEMINISM, THE UNIVERSITY AND SOCIETY, taking place this weekend in UCD.

Full Programme available here.

Statement: UCL Occupation and the wider anti-cuts movement

After a lively demo on Thursday targeting the Universities UK meeting of Vice Chancellors, we decided to occupy the Old Refectory at UCL to provide a space to organise against the cuts and highlight our grievances with management as expressed in our demands.

Our actions inspired the creation of a large and welcoming anti-cuts space down the road at 11 Bedford Square. It has been opened up by a mixture of students, lecturers and university staff from across London and has already become a hub of organisation and planning.

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Call for Rise Up! 24-26 March; Common Knowledge Against Financial Capitalism

This callout follows a European Meeting of University Movements that was held in Paris, 11-13 February, 2011.
The meeting, organised by Edu-Factory and the Autonomous Education Network, followed the collective consensus of the ‘Bologna Burns’ meetings in Vienna, London, Paris and Bologna and the ‘Commoniversity’ held in Barcelona in November.

Call for Rise Up!

Common Knowledge against Financial Capitalism

We, the student and precarious workers of Europe and all around the world met in Paris over the weekend of the 11th-13th of February, 2011 to discuss and organize a common network based on our common struggles. Our name is Knowledge Liberation Front, and we’re your crisis!

In fact, over the last few years our movement has assumed Europe as the space of conflicts against the corporatization of the university and precariousness. This meeting in Paris and the revolutionary movements across the Mediterranean allow us to take an important step towards a new Europe against austerity, starting from the revolts in Maghreb.

We are a generation who lives precariousness as a permanent condition: the university is no longer an elevator of upward social mobility but rather a factory of precariousness. Nor is the university a closed community: our struggles for a new welfare, against precarity and for the free circulation of knowledge and people don’t stop at its gates.

Our common network is based on our struggles against the Bologna Process and against the education cuts Europe is using as a response to the crisis.
Since the state and private interests collaborate in the corporatization process of the university, our struggles don’t have the aim of defending the status quo. Governments bail out banks and cut education. We want to make our own university – a university that lives in our experiences of autonomous education, alternative research and free schools. It is a free university, run by students, precarious workers and migrants, a university without borders.

We have created and improved our common claims: free access to the university against increasing fees and costs of education, new welfare and common rights against debt and the financialization of our lives, and for an education based on cooperation against competition and hierarchies.

So we, Knowledge Liberation Front, call for common and transnational days of action on the 24th-25th-26th of March, 2011: against banks, debt system and austerity measures, for free education and free circulation of people and knowledge.

Make actions, make autonomy, make our university:

make capitalism history!

Fighting and cooperating, this is our Common!

Join the Knowledge Liberation Front:
Fighting and cooperating, this is our Common!
You can join in the discussion @ by joining the riseup network and then connecting to The Knowledge Liberation Front