Statement from the #occupyuniversity working group concerning the 16th November Union of Students in Ireland national demonstration

The #occupyuniversity working group which, for the past five weeks, has been involved in organising an ongoing series of educational events at #occupydamestreet, will support this Wednesday’s student protest against the ongoing destruction of 3rd level education in this country.

We need third level institutions that serve democracy and equality, not corporate power and profit.

Increased registration fees, cuts to grants, and the threats to re-introduce full fees and to remove state supports for postgraduate education are all actions which place the interests of financial markets and wealthy elites above everything else.

When it robs people of access to education and other public services on behalf of bankers and wealthy bondholders, the government destroys the democratic fabric of our society. It is ushering in a system based on privilege, instruction and obedience, not communities of learning and free independent thought.

We reject this. The ongoing pillage and commodification of education to keep banks on life support offers none of us any future.

The #occupyuniversity working group will join the march on the 16th of November. However, we also recognize the need to build a movement that goes beyond the Union of Students in Ireland. We need a movement that brings in all those who want access to decent public education for a fulfilled life in a democratic society: the 99%. We stand in solidarity with students and others presently attempting to build such a movement around the world.

We are the 99%. We are all the university.


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