You have taken too much from us, now we want everything

Madrid based student collectives have just launched a new movement focusing on the situation of the country’s youth, and linked to the Europe-wide Knowledge Liberation Front network. This struggle resonates strongly with our own situation in Ireland where our future has been put down as collateral on the State’s insane IMF/EU forced ‘loan’. Like here, the State’s priorities have been clear: save the financial system and protect the interests of speculators and investors above all else. The following text and manifesto have been circulated by the movement.

Youth without a future

A new movement of students and precarious workers has been born in Madrid: Juventud sin Futuro (‘youth without a future’).It has been launched by student collectives of Madrid’s universities to fight against the black scenario for the youth generation: 40% youth unemployment; 60% temporary jobs; commodification of education; and social cuts that worsen our situation even further.

The main slogan of the movement is:

No home, No job, No pension…No Fear


We, the youth without a future, address the public opinion to demonstrate our disagreement with the Government’s policies of social cuts, and the serious consequence that these measures imply: the most educated generation in our history will live worse than their parents. The aggression against our generation in a scenario of capitalist crisis, with a youth unemployment rate of 40%, the highest in the EU, has three principal dimensions:

  • Labor reform, which increases the temporality of our contracts and more labour precarity. It also involves the disappearance of collective bargaining, making us precarious workers for life
  • The reform of the pension system, which delays the retirement age and reduces our future pension, making it more difficult to find a decent job. All this poses us a horizon with no future.
  • The commodification of public education, which focuses on private profit and not on training and knowledge. An elite university for a minority and a factory of precariousness for the majority, with measures like the new entrance examination and the deterioration of occupational training

We are the young people whom the economic elites and the policies of our governments want to become the generation without jobs nor a decent pension. In addition, we won’t have our own home in our lives, since the speculators made ​​the right to housing a business to get profit from. We have become aware that the measures taken to counteract the economic crisis have been made through a constant socialization of losses.

In opposition to the way out of the crisis characterized by the implementation of right wing policies, we blame the guilty and we demand to be heard.

We want to recover our ability to be actors for change, fighting against a scenario of labour insecurity, unemployment and privatization of education. We are also aware that mobilization and struggle make sense, and they are essential. Italy, France, Greece and Iceland show us that mobilization is indispensable. The Arab world demonstrates that victory is possible.

So we call for a cycle of protests to recover the voice of the youth on the street, and we extend it to the whole of civil society. We do not trust them, we know that this situation can only be solved without those who caused this crisis. We have been forced to mobilize collectively, to demand our right to dissent, to rebuild our future.

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